Voice Solutions

Native SIP

CentraCom Business Native SIP uses Industry standard codecs, which means no matter what SIP enabled phone system you use, rest assured your voice service will have the same high quality standards you’ve come to expect with the savings and flexibility of a SIP solution.

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Do you have an older phone system that relies on PRI signaling and don’t want to spend capital to upgrade it? You can take advantage of SIP without the limitations of a traditional T1 PRI service. With CentraCom Business Voice Service, you take advantage of SIP by converting it to the PRI signaling your phone system requires. You’re no longer restricted to 23 channels before requiring a separate PBX card or additional copper facilities in your building.

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Analog SIP

Traditional phone lines aren’t dead. Many businesses still require a traditional phone line for Fax, credit cards, alarm lines, or for simply making a call. Rather than paying for expensive copper wire phone lines, you can still take advantage of your Ethernet connection and pricing by having SIP converted to an Analog line.

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Long Distance

CentraCom Long Distance is an affordable way to stay connected to vendors and customers. There are several plans to meet your needs and budget, whether you need national or international calling. Talk to one of our experts to find the plan that will meet your business' needs.

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Hosted Voice

Maximize the return on your communication costs with PBX features and functionality without the expense of an on-site PBX. For a manageable monthly fee you can connect multiple offices, easily move phones and you are no longer limited by the call paths to the office (no busy signals). Hosted Voice helps you connect better and serve customers better than ever before.

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